The Modern Coliseum for gladiatorial combat

Build, train, and trade gladiators, and enter them in combat events to compete!


BattleDrome is a platform/ecosystem for gaming which is built on top of a decentralized Battle Arena, allowing anyone to create a Warrior: an entity which exists on the Ethereum Network, which can be traded, trained, equipped, and entered into events to do battle with other Warriors for fun and profit!

Much like their roman gladiator predecessors, Warriors gain experience over time which they use to gain in skill and combat prowess. Warriors gain FAME throughout their career, a portion of which is transferred to their owner each time.

Events are regularly scheduled, by the community in a decentralized way, and have rules (number of warriors, skill level limitations, etc). Anyone may choose to enter their warriors during the "Registration Period". Following this period the "Wager Period" begins, allowing spectators to place wagers on the outcome of the event.

During both the registration and wager period, sponsors may choose to contribute some riches to be won by the victor of the event, in exchange for advertising during the event.

Perhaps now is a good time to mention that we intend for the events themselves to be a spectacle, visual, and animated, allowing the battle to unfold to spectators as you cheer on those who you've wagered on (and heckle those you've wagered against).

As the warriors battle, using the skills and equipment that their owner has helped them to gain (And the experience they've gained from previous battles), they may defeat other warriors. In this case a portion of the FAME held by the defeated warrior is taken by the one who bested them.

If at any time only a single warrior is left standing, they are victorious! Taking a large amount of FAME as a prize!

At any time an owner may retire their warrior, taking all the FAME of that warrior for themselves! But this warrior may never participate again, requiring them to start training a new warrior if they wish to continue to compete in events!


Contact Us via Discord!

For more info, please come join our discord, chat with other members of the community, ask the devs questions, and get the latest updates!


Create/Own a Warrior

Create/Own a Warrior

Create and Own a Warrior of your own, choose his skills, abilities, and decide how he advances as he earns experience

Watch him climb the ladder of the Arena earning you FAME and Glory along the way!

Weapons and Armor

Weapons and Armor

Purchase Weapons and Armor for your Warrior!

They can bring the gear into combat to give them an advantage! But beware, they come at a price, and must be maintained as they take damage from heavy use!

Potions of Health

Potions of Health

The local chemist has been busy! Purchase very costly potions of health to heal your warrior's wounds, so they can live to fight another day!

Or you can stock them up with potions before battle, so they can use them to endure great pain, and outlast their competition!



Not only can you trade FAME for other currencies, etc. But Warriors themselves can be bought and sold, or traded to other owners!

Warriors are a stand-alone Entity. They are their own Contract on the network. And their owner can be assigned (and re-assigned). Keep an eye out for our Warrior Marketplace shortly after launch!



Who needs the horse tracks! You can bet on live fights regularly on BattleDrome!

Wager on who you think will win, and profit greatly if they do!

Or time your wagers, after each match without a winner, the pot continues to grow!



Each Event is a spectacle to watch, watching the fight un-fold before you, not knowing what surprises come next! And each event will draw more attention with sponsorship for larger winnings!

By sponsoring an event you gain key advertising during the event, displayed to every spectator and participant!



Don't fancy yourself a wagering person? And don't want to enter your own warrior just yet?

Then help out during an event! Spectators can contribute by "working" the show

This ultimately "mines" transactions to further the match blow by blow.

Crew earn a portion of the FAME from each event based on their contribution!

Gain FAME and Riches!

Gain FAME and Riches!

Each time your warrior gains more FAME, you get a portion of it as his owner!

If your warrior is very successful so are you!

Each time your warrior defeats another, you take HALF of their FAME!

Pit your warrior against high ranking warriors for bigger rewards! (but only if he wins!)



Once your warrior has reached his "peak", you can choose to retire him, and ALL of his current FAME is transferred to you!

Beware though! Retiring your warrior means he can no longer fight! And all the time/energy you've invested in training him, and building up his skills will be finished! (until you start building up a new warrior!)


FAME is the heart of the BattleDrome Ecosystem. Much like the ancient Colosseum of Rome, FAME is the currency that all owners/patrons are vying for, it's what the crew/workers manning the arena are hoping to earn, it's what the warriors take from one another through skillful combat, and it's what those wishing to garner attention, and market their wares use to advertise.

BattleDrome was designed from the ground up to be a multi-faceted platform to encourage the demand for FAME, while providing an enjoyable entertainment experience regardless of your pleasure.

From a technical perspective FAME is a fully ERC20 compliant token, which was issued once during the crowdfunding stage, with limited supply. As a result, no further FAME can be minted from here on out.

There was a total approximately 76,850 FAME minted, which is currently in circulation. FAME tokens can be divided down to 12 decimal places, providing plenty of granular liquidity

Our Team

Paul Mumby

Paul Mumby

Paul is a long-time Engineer and Software Developer with experience ranging from electronics, to integrated circuit design, to robotics, to software architecture and development.

Paul has been involved in the blockchain ecosystem since the early bitcoin days, and has been involved in several notable projects. And his experience in Ethereum goes back to the original Ether crowdsale and the first releases of the Solidity language. With BattleDrome being just one of several projects and concepts created during that timeframe.

Currently he's CTO of a rapidly growing big data and reactive software development firm, where he solves some massive data and software problems for some of the worlds largest enterprises, and governments.

Founder/Lead Developer

Ian Anstey

Ian Anstey

Ian is an experienced systems integrator and architect with zeal for blockchain development and applications.

With a strong background in administration and deployment testing, he is currently a linux and virtualization integration specialist and consultant.

Co-Founder/Business Admin/Systems Admin/Tester

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