BattleDrome Token Conversion Utilities

BattleDrome Token Conversion Utilities

These utilities will allow you to convert your legacy ERC20 FAME tokens into the new ERC1155 "Founders Credits". These unique tokens will only ever be available as a direct conversion from the legacy ERC20 tokens issued during the original ICO.

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Founders Credits:

Founders Credits are rare, and will be limited to minting directly by founders from the original ICO (by converting their legacy ERC20 FAME).

These tokens will either be able to be held, and traded like any other ERC1155 Token on or other similar marketplaces. OR they can be converted directly into ERC1155 FAME tokens, or ERC1155 Senate Seats.

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The new FAME tokens will issue at a ration of 1000 FAME for each Founders Credit. These new FAME tokens will be the core of the BattleDrome ecosystem.

The reason for adjustment by 1000x is to adjust economic balance of the game, and make various aspects appropriate considering new things learned about the ethereum ecosystem over the past couple years.

Note: This is the ONLY way to create new FAME tokens

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Senate Seats

Senate Seats will provide direct voting power over the controlling contracts behind BattleDrome. Once the full ecosystem is launched, a vote management contract will go live which will allow all "admin" activitied required to update/maintain/manage BattleDrome. All admin activities will be proposed and voted on by Senate Seat holders. These tokens represent your vote for control.

Senate Seats convert at a ratio of 10 Founders Credits to 1 Senate Seat.

As these are standard ERC1155 Tokens, Senate Seats can also be traded/sold normally

NOTE: This is the ONLY way to create new Senate Seat tokens.

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Do these first:

Then to convert your legacy FAME to Founders Credits:

Utility for converting Founders Credits:

Amount of Founders Credits To Convert:

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