Join the BattleDrome Beta Today!

The BattleDrome Beta is Available Now!

The beta is launched live on the Ethereum Rinkeby Public Testnet.

Before Playing, please ensure you've got metamask installed in a supported browser, and that you've got some ether on the rinkeby testnet (hint, go to: Rinkeby Faucet to get some free rinkeby Ether!)

Once you've got your browser and wallet setup, just click the link below to join the game!

If you need more information, please visit the documentation wiki at: BattleDrome Wiki, but be aware in the beta the documentation is still a work in progress. Please be aware in the beta there may be bugs, but don't hesitate to report them to us via our Discord!

If you are interested, and want to see the source code for BattleDrome, the game is fully Open-Source and available from our GitHub repository at: BattleDrome GitHub

Thanks for testing the beta! Have Fun!

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